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Lumber hauling at Pittsford Lumber in the mid twentieth century

Above photos courtesy of Jeff Mason

Lumber hauling at Pittsford lumber in the late 20th century,

                                   Jim Franzen

behind the scenes at Pittsford Lumber....

Sawdust hauling / recycling in the 21st century.

Ned Powers, from Powers’ Farm Market,

with his trusty circa 1948 Farmall tractor.

Pittsford Lumber is located in Schoen Place, along the Erie Canal. A lumberyard has been in our present location since the 1800’s and, as one of the first lumberyards in the region, undoubtedly supplied many of the earliest builders in southeast Rochester. Up until the early 1970’s carloads of building materials were delivered via a railroad that ran behind our building. Below are two pictures from the fifties, and a modern counterpart.

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